Kaufman Offices

Interesting schemes are usually created under highly restrictive conditions. In this case, the basic conditions are complex: a very long space, about 100 meters, and extremely narrow less than 10 meters. In order to avoid a classic corridor, we chose to challenge the passageway matter. The planning is based on a zigzagged scheme that produces an asymmetric move, varying views and spaces of varying sizes. The next significant design parameter was natural lighting: the existing windows were turned north and positioned on this facade only. In order to enable natural light to penetrate the depths of the space, all the partitions parallel to the windows are set as glass, which stands as a solid wall. After these resolutions, the ceilings and lighting were characterized according to the scheme. The ceiling opens up to the height of the passageway, thus getting a different section from the offices. The systems pass through the ceiling space and remain visible. Round light fixtures of varying sizes were hanged to sharpen the different characterization of the transition area.